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Learn the EXACT steps I teach Actors (from all over the world) how to perform freely & confidently with an American Accent.

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If you're agent is telling you your accent isn't quite there then you need to ask yourself, ‘Am I missing something in my process that's keeping me from fully inhabiting the American accent and the American character?'  Because It’s not enough to just understand the sounds of the accent.

  • You need to be able to bring the accent into performance
  • You want to feel confident and free when performing with an American accent
  • AND you need to be able to embody the American character as well.

That’s exactly why I created my 7 Practical Steps to Performing With An American Accent so you can start booking work with an American accent.

In these 7 steps I walk you through a process that will take you from preparation (preparing your body & voice) all the way to step #7: performing freely & confidently with an American accent.

“Katherine has not only given me all the tools I need to further my acting career in the U.S. but has also given me the confidence I need and renewed my passion for the arts. Since starting my training with Katherine I have audition & tested for lots more American roles at a high level & I now feel positively about the longevity of my career. Katherine is the ideal teacher in that she is both professional, passionate & fun to learn with”

— Charlotte Best

Hi, I'm Katherine Beck (American Accent Coach/Actress/Voice-over Artist)

14 years ago I left Hollywood, moved halfway around the world to Australia and thought how can I continue to work in my industry unless I can perform with an Australian accent? I decided to learn the Australian accent but hit a lot of road blocks along the way. My accent wasn't authentic, I couldn't sustain it in performance, I didn't know what to do to fix it AND I couldn't find anyone who could help me with my specific problems. So I set out on a journey to perfect my Australian accent….and I did just that 😉

In that process I developed a step-by-step system that I teach to Non-US Actors who want to learn how to perform with an American accent and because I live overseas I get where you're coming from and I know how to get you past your accent roadblocks so you can sound more American and start booking more work!